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#Multiverse IRC event will be back next year

A few weeks ago I wrote an article about the 4 day IRC event called #Multiverse. The event was to bring the IRC roleplaying community together and to grow it.

The community you see on DarkMyst is the best collaboration and community of players that many have ever seen amongst IRC role-playing community.

It’s an amazing group of talented and friendly people. Bringing folks together and creating the effort that you see was risky and an incredible challenge to do but it has worked out quite well and has been part of a massive and on-going plan to bring renewed interest and growth to the community.

Ryan, Network Coordinator, DarkMyst IRC Network

This article has moved, you can now find it here.

  1. December 5, 2010 at 9:29 pm

    I am both a player on DarkMyst and a co-owner of a growing RP-channel; the second #Multiverse event was actually my first and I was blown away by the way that players came together and reacted to one another in a common community.

    I was not really sure what to expect with #Multiverse, I wasn’t really sure how different communities would be able to come together and work together in a foreign environment.. but I was shocked! Players from all sorts of genres, time-periods and rulesets came together in a “freeform” environment and it all flowed very well.

    The channel I run has seen growth since #Multiverse, we’ve added a few new players to our “RP family” and we couldn’t be more happy or more pleased with the efforts of Ryan, the server of DarkMyst and the absolute amazing event of #Multiverse.

    But that is just my $0.02. =)

    Looking forward to the next one! It is an event not to miss!

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