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Interview: Zombie Apocalypse 2

Zombie apocalypse

Zombies as a genre are extremely popular, in films and especially videos games. They’re multi faceted and can appeal to wide audiences all who might like something different about the genre. It suits horror fans, as zombie movies promise buckets of gore and blood, and it also appeals to people on a deeper level when you start to think about Human survival and the downfall of society. Each zombie film take a different approach and shows us a different angle to zombies and the way that Humankind is trying to save themselves from them.

So I’m surprised it’s been this long before I’ve seen a play-by-post roleplaying game about zombies. There really is a lot of scope for character building, great storylines and great worldbuilding in a story all about a zombie invasion.

The game this article was about has now closed. There’s more exciting PBEM roleplaying games on OngoingWorlds though.

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