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Way Back When Week Is Almost Here!

Way back when week

Ongoing Worlds will be having an extravaganza known as Way Back When Week from November 25 to December 1 2012. For this week, we invite the simming community to write posts in the format of extreme flashbacks to past generations to show their character’s family and backgrounds in a new light.

In that period we in OngoingWorlds have put together a crack team of judges to pick the best stories for posting on our blog. No matter what though there are no losers only winners and we ask for all players to participate.

In addition to the community wide event, we welcome the different simming groups to make the pledge and take the challenge by making Way Back When Week an event in your own respective groups and games. Any group that is willing to make the pledge by November 24, 2012 will have that group’s winning story posted on the OngoingWorlds blog with a mention that that story is the winner from that respective group to show off the talents of that simming group. For more information about the WBWW competition, click here.

WAY BACK WHEN WEEK: Because not everything that happens now started now, sometimes it happens Way Back When!

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