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Way Back When Week Competition

November 14, 2012 8 comments

way back when

Way Back When Week is a great opportunity to really get to know the background of your character, why they have a certain trait or family experience by telling it in the form of an extreme flashback to the event that first developed it, but more than that it’s a chance to enter your stories into a competition! Simply write your story and then send it to us, for a chance to win! The final date for competition entries is the 1st of December. Read more…

Way Back When Week Is Almost Here!

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Way back when week

Ongoing Worlds will be having an extravaganza known as Way Back When Week from November 25 to December 1 2012. For this week, we invite the simming community to write posts in the format of extreme flashbacks to past generations to show their character’s family and backgrounds in a new light.
Read more…

Announcing Way Back When Week

October 15, 2012 2 comments

Way back when week

Way Back When Week  is a week event where writers and roleplayers are encouraged to write a story depicting their characters ancestors, and the similarities and differences between past and present.

This will be a good exercise to get inside your character’s past and see their ancestors, and perhaps show where they got that certain personality trait, or where they got their interests from. Did their ancestors share a certain genetic trait, or perhaps an important ability. If you’re not familiar with thinking in such detail about your character’s history, give this a go, it’s only for a week! If you’re used to exploring your character’s past, you might have some ideas already, here’s your excuse to write it!

Way Back When Week will take place between the 25th of November – 1st of DecemberRead more…

Simming Upgrades

Simming, a phenomenon that has it’s humble beginnings and it’s majestic present, but some have always worked to expand on the creation, right from the very beginning. The how is sometimes very obvious, but the why is at times very unknown. – Admiral Kalvin (First documented admiral in simming)

First let’s explain that the original online simming was itself an expansion to something that already was around, and in fact was around for many years before going online. When simming itself was invented, nobody is really sure, but there is a belief based on facts that it was around for fanzines back in the 1980s. The evolution to where simming is today is one that went through many changes, stalled a few times and even had jump starts. From where and how it began, if any of the documented original seven online players were told that it will be where it is today defies logic. Read more…