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A nail in the coffin for Yahoo Groups

July 2, 2012 9 comments

CoffinYesterday I received an email which makes me worried about the future of Yahoo! groups.

Yahoo! Groups have been around for over 10 years, and before that they were called eGroups. This was where I played my first roleplaying game, as Yahoo! Groups was popular with roleplayers as it was free and easy, and allowed users to send emails out to members of the game. This was a proper PBEM (play-by-email) game.

I used a Yahoo Group to run my Blue Dwarf game for 10 years and in that time there were no new advancements made to the system, giving me the impression that Yahoo had abandoned the service, only continuing to run it for legacy purposes. That’s when I moved Blue Dwarf over to OngoingWorlds (If you want to know more about this process, here’s an article I wrote at the time). Read more…

Moderator Appreciation Day – July 1st

June 28, 2012 Leave a comment

DavidDo you appreciate your moderators? If you haven’t shown your appreciation, there’s now a full day where you’re encouraged to show your appreciation. This article is written by Kim, the creator and admin of, a social network devoted to Roleplayers and their characters. Despite its huge range of unique features, feedback from its community of thousands consistently names the open, friendly atmosphere as the #1 thing they treasure about the site.

Kim from RP Repository

Kim from RP Repository

The internet is an unruly and sometimes dangerous place. When you find an oasis where people are friendly and capable of having civil discussions, you know you’ve found something special. Often these utopias are ephemeral, here one year and then gone the next. To survive its own success, an internet oasis needs some truly great moderators to prevent its culture from drying up.

As the admin of a large roleplay site, the RP repository, I have the pleasure of working with an outstanding moderating team. Every month, I hear from countless users who have nightmare stories about the behaviors of other moderators on other sites. And I hear how surprised they are to have discovered a place where they can be on friendly terms with the moderators, rather than living in terror of them. It’s enormously tragic that these tales of moderation woe are so common, but not surprising. Read more…

Roma – Historic roleplaying

June 24, 2012 Leave a comment

DavidI love history, and especially the Roman period. As a kid I loved visiting ruined Roman forts, which is why I’m really excited to see a Roman-themed roleplay created on OngoingWorlds. This article was written by Edward Willems, the GM of Roma.

RomaThe idea for Roma came gradually, mainly through watching far too many films about ancient Rome and Greece – Come on, what GM hasn’t had a game at least partly derived from a favourite book or film? Anyway, the idea basically solidified when watching the film Troy. The thinking was effectively: “Brilliant, great film, historically accurate, good battle scenes, where are all the gods and monsters I wanted to see?” In the actual myth gods and magic frequently pop in and out, and the story’s pretty flat without them.

It occurred to me that this is true of roleplaying games too – Historical ones are great fun because it’s basically a fantasy setting that’s more believable and comes with its own inbuilt backstory. But the same problem applies: stringently detailed historical accuracy and ruthless realism take the bounce out of any game. Read more…

Wreckage: A survival roleplaying game

June 14, 2012 1 comment



I’m always glad when I see a new game created on OngoingWorlds, and I especially like the bespoke games with a very stand-alone story. A story created recently that looks extremely promising is Wreckage, created by Mike, who recently wrote some articles for this blog. Stand-alone games (and I mean games that aren’t based on an existing franchise like Harry Potter, Star Trek etc) are often tough to get started because it can be difficult to attract players, but are great because you’ve got complete freedom over the world and characters, and Mike’s game has made a brilliant start at creating a gripping story.

I asked Mike 3 questions about his game, and here’s what he wrote:

Read more…

Using RP Repository to showcase your characters

May 16, 2012 1 comment

DavidOne of the biggest challenges of running a roleplaying game is getting other members to sign-up and play, and I’ve seen so many fail quite early on because the GM can’t get enough players together. Advertising your game is important, and in this article Mike explains how you can use a website called RPG Repository to showcase your characters to other roleplayers.


Mike Krueger (MnMike on OngoingWorlds)

Most of us know that the key to recruiting new players for our PbP games is to network with others who are already interested in Roleplaying. Some games have turned to Facebook with great success, but there are other options available to us online.

One such option, and the subject of this article, is the relatively new RP Repository. (

The RP Repository (hereafter referred to simply as RPR) just celebrated its second “birthday” and has grown to host pages for over 4000 registered members. That is quite impressive for a site that has been advertised almost entirely by word of mouth.

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The FFS Approach To Problems

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

DavidThis article was written by Chele on her RPG-D blog, I asked if I could repost it here because I think it’s got some really useful tips for GMs and moderators of roleplaying games who have to deal with difficult members, and how to handle problems correctly. You can see it’s original incarnation here. Chele is a moderator of the Interitus RPG.


Chele has been roleplaying for over 10 years

When we get a problem with a member, it can usually lead us to going oh FFS! It’s a normal reaction, we would like everyone to get on, and for things to run smoothly with epic plots and interesting characters. When somebody disturbs the equilibrium of this by causing OOC drama, it can really tick us off.

However, in this case, the FFS approach does not stand for For F***s Sake, but instead Fair, Firm, Smart, and is a method for dealing with these issues from a staff point of view. Read more…

World Wide Sims April Fool’s day joke – interview with Charles Star

April 9, 2012 Leave a comment

World wide sims

On April fools day this year, many sims took part in a shared April fools joke that is probably the most widely spread in simming history. You can see the threads about this on Band of Brothers here and Before the Mast in the screenshot below. The joke was orchestrated by Charles Star from Independence Fleet who I’ve interviewed him about the joke. Read more…