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Your character is a product of their ancestors

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

I hope you’re enjoying Way Back When Week! If you’ve not heard of it yet, see here.

Your character is a product of their ancestors. It’s a weird way to look at it, but it’s true of us all. The knowledge and experience that our parents have gathered gets passed onto us, including many life valuable life skills, and family values. Often we pick up hobbies and interests from our parents, follow the same sports, watch the same TV programmes, and do similar hobbies. Don’t forget though that your parents probably got a lot of these skills, values and interests from their parents too, and them from their parents and so on. Read more…

Roleplaying Focus – What’s Your Genre?

November 12, 2012 2 comments
Leon Archer

Leon Archer, GM of Spellbound

Hello, and welcome to another Roleplaying Focus.

Today, I’d like to talk about various genres people play in their games, and why they play that particular genre. For this I’m going to need a some of the OngoingWorlds players to join in!

Leon Archer, GM of Spellbound
Spellbound is a high fantasy game involving students at the mage academy of Aetherion.

I’ll shamelessly start with my own game in OngoingWorlds, Spellbound. It’s a game with magic, mages, ethereal creatures. castles, and dragons. I like to split fantasy into two sub-genres into itself, just because fantasy involves such a wide variety of themes. For me, there’s high and low fantasy. High fantasy, such as Spellbound is all about being as far away from the norm as you can. It’s allows players to be completely creative at time, which is why I love it so personally. The tricky part is generally to avoid clichés or becoming so powerful and nothing is ever going to threaten that character. Although, through experience I have certainly have developed ways of doing so, heh heh. For me, I’ve found that because of sheer scope of a high fantasy game, it allows players a much easier time in accessing a roleplay without having to worry so much about the constraints of the world their character is in, or fitting his character perfectly with the lore. It’s a much more flexible genre. Read more…

Roleplaying Focus – Avoiding Alienation

October 8, 2012 2 comments

Man sat on a beach

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The best sims are original sims – member-created universes in RPing

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Then the torpedo struck. A massive explosion threw him clear of the ship and over the side, tearing the small warship in two in the process.

The captain came to a minute later. As he floated in the Arabian Sea, he saw a flash in the middle distance. A streak of light climbed out of the ocean and turned north, dropping low and hugging the sea. Another flash followed a minute, doing the same.

At this point, he realised what the streaks were. Cruise missiles.

As two more missiles followed from their underwater launcher, the captain prayed that a Third World War had not just started. Read more…

Subjective point of view in your stories

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tree at night

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Big Ideas Week Roundup

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Last week, the website SciFi Ideas ( hosted a special event entitled ‘Big Ideas Week’. Its purpose was to celebrate the website’s birthday, and to encourage readers to share their science fiction ideas. While they only received 3 article submissions, that didn’t stop them posting lots of great new content to the site, including a total of 15 new story ideas.

SciFi Ideas also gave Ongoing Worlds a playful nudge on the shoulder by posting an article about the science fiction games we’re currently hosting.

In case Big Ideas Week passed you by, here’s what you missed…

Debt World

An original story idea by David Ball, webmaster of Ongoing Worlds. The entire planet is in debt to a neighboring world. The only solution is for everybody to spend, spend, spend. Consumerism goes crazy and only one man seems to acknowledge the madness.

Read article


And original story idea by Mark Ball. Valnia is a cruel story about long-distance relationships and the future of human evolution, found in the back of a closet a decade after it was written.

Read article.

SciFi Games at Ongoing Worlds

An article listing all the science fiction role-playing games currently running at Ongoing Worlds. Read more…

5 dystopian worlds in science fiction

December 8, 2011 Leave a comment

Blade Runner city

Science fiction can show us many different worlds, and I don’t just mean different planets. Different governments and different ways of living are interesting too. One of my favourites is the dystopian world, showing a parallel or future world where things aren’t quite as nice and rosy as they are now.

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