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Flashback story – Xanxa Symanah

September 4, 2011 Leave a comment

This is a story submitted as part of the Flashback week competition. It’s a Babylon 5 story written by Sarah Xanxa Bartlett, the roleplaying game is called ‘Beyond Babylon’, and is played on Facebook.

Xanxa Symanah

So you want to know what a Centauri is doing in the Anla’shok?  Well, I’m not the only one, but that’s not my story to tell.  First of all, I’m not pure Centauri, in fact I’m half Minbari on my mother’s side, so my entrance into the world was bound to be controversial anyway.  So many questions were asked about how I came to be conceived when Centaurii and Minbarii are physically incompatible.  Well, love conquers all, as the old saying goes, and with much consultation of Technomages and other shady figures, I came to exist.

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Why we love flashbacks

August 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Flashback week write and roleplay about your character's pastIf you’ve not heard about Flashback week, see the details here and remember to enter the competition here.

In my last article I explained that flashbacks are great ways to help build your character, and they’re also really great fun to write because it gives you a totally open canvas to put your character anywhere and in any situation. If you’re writing about them with others as part of a roleplaying game, this can sometimes be quite a difficult thing to do, because you’ll have to get everyone else to agree that the story is taking a turn in the direction you want it to. But as anyone who’s ever done collaborative writing knows, the story won’t always go in that direction!

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8 more movies with character flashbacks

August 17, 2011 1 comment

You might need some inspiration for flashback week if you want to create a really good back-story for your character, and want to enter the competition. We’ve shown you movies with flashbacks in them before, but there’s just so many, so here are some more to inspire you to write your own!

Eternal sunshine

Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind

Despite not flashbacks in the conventional sense of cinema, we see glimpses of the main character’s life (Jim Carey), including many moments he shared with his girlfriend (Kate Winslet) as they are being erased by a company he’s paid to eradicate memories of their relationship.

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Flashbacks help character building

August 11, 2011 3 comments

someone sleeping on bench

Only a few days to go now until the start of Flashback week, and already the response has been positive! I’ve chatted to a few GMs of roleplaying games, who’ve told me they’ve spread word to their members about the Flashback week competition, and even planned their own smaller, in-game competitions. A great way to do this is if your game is on OngoingWorlds is to use the awards, that’s what they were created for!

But Flashback week isn’t just about winning the competition, there’s also a decent reason for using flashbacks in your story; it helps develop your character.

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Flashback week competition

August 8, 2011 9 comments

Flashback week - write and roleplay about your characters past

Flashback week is a great opportunity to write some back-story for your character (more details here), but more than that it’s a chance to enter your stories into a competition! Simply write your flashback story and then send it to us, for a chance to win!

This competition is now closed. See the announcement about the winners here.

Why flashbacks are important

July 30, 2011 1 comment

Flashback week is a week-long writing event where writers and roleplayers are encouraged to think about something that happened in their characters past, and write it as a flashback. Flashback week 2011 is now over, but will be coming back next year. You can see all Flashback articles here.

Announcing Flashback week

July 21, 2011 6 comments

Flashback week - write and roleplay about your character's past

This article has moved to our new blog where you’ll find all articles about Flashback week here.