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2011 Tournament of Simulations

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment


Two months and 27 sims later, the best games – the winners of the 2011 Tournament of Simulations – have been announced.

See the results here. 


The importance of community in Star Trek Freedom

October 10, 2011 5 comments

Star Trek FreedomSome roleplaying games have the staying power to stay around for many years, while some lose their members and close just after a few weeks. A roleplaying game isn’t just about roleplaying, it’s also a community. To find out how important a sense of community is to a roleplaying group I asked Anthony Keen, CO of roleplaying community Star Trek Freedom.

This article has now moved. You’ll find it on our new blog for roleplayers here.

Interview with Anthony Keen from the Star Trek Freedom PBEM

May 3, 2010 1 comment
Star Trek Freedom

Star Trek Freedom

Star Trek PBEM games on the web

Star Trek makes up a vast amount of PBEM games, mainly due massive scifi universe in which it is set, giving the chance to have an unlimited number of possibilities for different starships, and an infinite amount of locations your characters can explore.

Star Trek Freedom

Star Trek Freedom , a network of PBEM games which all take place in the Star Trek universe.

There are many Star Trek PBEM games around, but Star Trek Freedom stands out for two reasons, it has a very detailed website ( which is always kept up to date, and a strict training process before you’re even allowed to join a ship.

Star Trek Freedom has five ships, with an average of ten people onboard each. The ships make up the “52nd Fleet”

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